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“Making Learning Personal”
A never ending cycle is learning. It adds value to our own knowledge and also help us achieve our ambitions. We believe Learning is of three kinds;

    » Inborn Learnings – Inherited and over a period of time refined by families which lays foundation.

    » Acquired Learnings – Basic Learnings done through school and colleges which becomes your Natural Style of learning and grows over a period of time.

    » Experiential Learnings – Learnings through Experience at work via associations, observations, work performance, etc.

As we step ahead in corporates, “Experiential Learning” plays the major part in the learning cycle for job performance.

There is no best way of learning. As individuals we have different styles therefore are different learners like Naturalist Learner, Linguistic Leaner, Rhythmic Learner, Visual learner, Logical learner etc. We also adopt these learning styles over period of time as per the need or our own comfortability. For example, some are logical or mathematical in their approach of learning like engineers, scientist adapt other learning styles based on their work; like become interpersonal learners in addition to the natural style; which works best in teams and as they are logical they compare their ideas with others. Give way to understand how you learn best.

We at Millenna Professionals work as strategic learning partners for establishing the programs as per the learning and development needs.

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General & Managerial Skills
Business Etiquette Ethics at Work Dealing with Difficult People Managerial Effectiveness
Presentation Skills & Telephone Etiquette Enhancing Effectiveness At Work P.R.I.D.E (Personal Effectiveness & Self-Motivation) Interviewing Skills for Hiring Managers
Cross-cultural communication and International business etiquette Service Excellence Coaching Skills for HODs & Managers to enhance effectiveness Gallup Strengths Finder
Personal Excellence & Self Motivation Out-Of-The-Box Thinking & Creativity Art of Making meetings work, Use of Mind Map Hiring For Success: Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
How to give constructive feedback? Leadership & Team Building Appraisal Workshop
Technical Skills
Applicability – Six Sigma Way
MS Office
(Excel, Word, PPT)
Project Management Operations Management
Power of Excel MS-Project
Programs are delivered by Industry Experienced Professionals & Certified Trainers. Please note the above mentioned modules are comprehensive but not limited to what is shared.
An out-of-the-workplace-studio
Identify Training
Assess People
Customize Training
Deliver Training
Evaluate Training
“Making Learning Personal”
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